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A cash payment.
Customers can choose freely according to the conditions for their own to pay a certain way.
A. Cash basis (cod) : cash.
A, cash payment terms:
When you and the research of masters to complete a formal quotation or order contract, after the research of masters will provide you with information brought to account. You can provide the account information of the remittance according to the contract. Research of masters are generally on the day after receiving your remittance for you to arrange delivery of the goods. Other customized products or special circumstances product contract would be indicate the delivery term.
B, cash on delivery:
Payment in cash on delivery orders, please contact the research to realize query cod outlets for you.
Note: no.
Second, 100% cash in advance (just the delivery). Payment terms: no.
Note: this kind of order for your shipment, to ensure timely delivery, please indicate your company full name on the order.
Goods receipt
When you receive the product and acceptance to confirm product name, model, quantity and other information is correct, at the same time, product packaging in good condition, no scratches, damage such as surface quality problems. Please (the Courier receipt for gravels logistics contract customers to our company customers sign signature. If you find the product outer packing is broken or other abnormal situation, please first write down the Courier number, at the same time call to research customer service, and to recognize when receiving your feedback information research of masters will cargo handling decision for you. If you or your entrusted by the consignee has confirmed that the goods receipt, and research of masters shall have the right not to accept for return. If you need to return or exchange, may refer to the relevant principles and the return process.
Refuse to accept the goods
When you receive the product surface quality problems found after acceptance of the product. Would you please to send researchers point out, and on the spot refuse products have problem, and sign for it in the list. And would you please timely contact with research to realize customer service center, in order to help you solve in time.

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