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                                     (after-sales service commitment)

My company produces the product after-sales service commitment asfollows:
1, the company provides professional pre-sale, sale and after-sale service; Have a professional technical team to provide clients with equipment installation and debugging work, after the debugging and responsible for operation and maintenance personnel to use method and related experimental personnel operation training, maintenance training, etc., to fully grasp all use technology, to ensure the normal use, maintenance and maintenance.
2, since the instrument after the date of acceptance of the company (for) free warranty service, one year warranty, lifetime free software upgrade, provide relevant operating standards and technical guidance free of charge. Warranty period, the company to ensure that 2 hours to respond to the user service's phone; If telephone communication can't solve, our company will send professional technicians to troubleshoot your company within 24 hours to solve the problem.
3. The warranty period, such as due to fire, flood, earthquake, magnetic field string into the irresistible reasons and using methods such as damage caused by man-made damage factors, the company responsible for free maintenance, equipment material cost expenses shall be borne by the user. Warranty for a travel and accessories cost.
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