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Network marketing and planning (internship)
1. I love the network promotion and related position, and are interested in entering the Internet marketing field;
2. College degree or above, computer and electronic business related education background is preferred.
Into the scope of job:
Enterprise network marketing personnel, search engine optimization, search engine marketing engineers, network advertising, network promotion personnel; Do your own business, such as: enterprise network marketing consultant, open network marketing studios, taobao shop, do personal webmaster or selling products through the network, etc.
Professional direction: JavaEE, Android, IOS, C/C + +, Oracle database, Linux cluster, Internet marketing and planning.
SEO optimization division
1. College degree or above, e-commerce and network marketing ability;
2. Good at network editor, good at soft article writing, site management background, know the web site of related code is preferred;
3. Familiar with baidu, GOOGLE and other search engine keyword optimization techniques (SEO and site optimization and maintenance, search engine promotion program planning and execution, maintenance);
4. Good at PS (image) the plane design, can use photoshop, coreldraw, flash, etc., good at video editing techniques, advertising creative make better (flexible thinking, creative).
5. Strong SEO techniques (site architecture, web page code, each big search engine working principle), experience in SEO optimization, search engine, search engine anti-cheating technology development experience is preferred
6. Good language communication and technical communication
7. Know the baidu background, Google backstage, SOSO background is preferred
Mechanical design engineer
1, education: bachelor degree
2. Age: 35 years of age or older
3, the related mechanical design more than five years, familiar with mechanical drawing, such as CAD, 3 d software
4, related experience is preferred
5, please be sure to send your digital photos and resume to our mailbox. Together they will make an appointment with: basic salary + commission
Position: pre-sale technical service engineer
Job description:
1. To provide technical support for our product abroad, including the after-sales service training,
The operation of the end user training;
2. To domestic users for instrument installation and debugging and maintenance;
3. Prepare the product instructions in both Chinese and English;
4. The specification in English translation;
5. Draw up product inspection process, and to the company's quality inspection personnel training;
6. Deal with simple business matters;
7. To develop the international market, participate in business negotiation;
8. Participate in the company's products upgrading scheme discussion, research and development of new products, etc.;
Working location: xi 'an
The number of hiring: 2-3
Quality requirement:
1. College degree or above, or can prove ability of other university degree;
Have certain working experience; 2.
3. Has the enterprising spirit, learning ability and professional dedication, higher understanding, and to do things rigorous organized;
4. There are no doubt the personal character, integrity, can bear hardships and stand hard work, have a plan to do one thing for a long time and spirit;
5. Have strong interest in technology and a certain foundation;
6. Professional requirement: electrical or related professional background, able to quickly familiar with the principle of instrument and operation;
7. Good writing, some basic English, or have some knowledge of the English interest;
Have certain computer ability; 8.
9. The good team cooperation spirit;
10. To take short term business trip.
11. Any gender.
If you are interested, please improve your resume according to the requirements of the following. If your data does not meet the following requirements, we can't be accepted and taken seriously.
1. Resume in Chinese, with English is better
2. Please indicate the proficiency in computer operation, such as how many hours in office
If you are interested, welcome to contact us. Sincerely looking forward to your joining, create beautiful tomorrow hand in hand with us.
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